Friday, April 20, 2018

CAA Tombola Of Dreams 2018 - Another Prize Announcement!

Tombola Of Dreams 2018 
  • Win A Dovetail Games Studio Tour for You + 3 Classmates
  • 6 one hour career coaching/mentoring sessions with Dovetail Talent/HR Team/Senior Development Managers
  • Game Codes x 3

Tickets available at the Online Store!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

CAA Tombola Of Dreams 2018: Another Big Prize Announced!

Tombola Of Dreams 2018 

Win A FrameStore Adventure for You + 1

A presentation/meet and greet with the recruitment team.
The opportunity to have your portfolios reviewed by one of Framestore's artists + Q&A
Attend ‘The daily sessions’ with Rob Shears – Technical Director & CAA graduate.

Tickets available at the Online Store!

CAA Cinema: The Origins Of The Dutch Angle

A nice little over-view... watch and learn!

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

CAA Tombola Of Dreams: A New Prize Announced!

Another top prize announced for this year's epic Tombola Of Dreams 2018!

A Blue Zoo Productions Studio tour for you and another CAA student of your choice (or an another alumni if fate so decides!) including a showreel mentoring session!

Tickets still available at the Online Store!

FAO CAA Year 2: Acting Class 'Finals' Schedule

Acting Class 'Finals' Schedule
10am - 1pm

Group 1: “Live forever”
Jack, Douy

Group 2: “Think twice”
Joe, Anabel, Greta

Group 3: “I’ve got to get through this”
Ellie, Anastasija, Rachael

Group 4: “Stop right now”
Rhia, Ruth, Aureo

2pm - 5pm

Group 5: “Back for good”
Jess, Laura, Jen

Group 6: “All that she wants”
Alex, Karolina, Paris

Group 7: “I should be so lucky”
Graeme, Alexis, Michaela

Group 8: “End of the road”
Noah, Sandra, Polly

Group 9: “Nothing compares”
Krissy, Michael, Almu

Monday, April 16, 2018

CAA Tombola Of Dreams 2018 / The Prize Table So Far!

A handy round-up of all your Tombola 2018 prizes announced so far...

  • 1 x Nintendo Switch
  • 1 x 6 month subscription to Blue Zoo's Animdojo online animation training
  • 1 x $700's worth of Render Credits @
  • 1 x Cluedo Game of Thrones Edition
  • 1 x Monopoly Stranger Things Edition
  • 1 x Monopoly Pokemon Edition
  • 1 x Monopoly Deadpool Edition
  • 1 x Monopoly Doctor Who Edition
  • 1 x Tetris Light
  • 1 x Yoda wall light
  • 1 x Spiderman wall light
  • 1 x Mathmos Astro Lava Lamp
  • 1 x Mathmos Telstar Lava Lamp
  • 1 x Raiders Of The Lost Ark framed storyboard panel
  • 3 x Limited edition art prints

More prizes announced soon...

Tickets available at the Online Store!