Saturday, August 27, 2011

After Effects Tracking HELP!

Im very close to having all my rendered files ready for post production. (Which has taken a very very long time to render). So i am almost ready to add all the post effects that i desire. However After Effects is not one of my strengths so some help will be needed. Basically i need to know how to track my rendered sequence, so i can add post effects such as smoke. So when the camera moves through the scene the smoke will stay in the same relative space and size with the scene. Any help would be great.



  1. There is more than one way of tracking, and depending on what your footage is like not all are suitable. You should look into that first. Also, stuff like smoke is often better done in maya on a seperate render layer so you don't have to track.

  2. Hey Rich, the way I've done that before (Might be the 'dodgy' way) is to export the Maya camera into After Effects, then use that as the AE rendercam. You can then add in post-effects on 3D Layer (Like an adjustment layer) and it should be placeable in the top-view and react with the camera angle. It sort of saves you from tracking the footage but you may need to play around with it for it to work.