Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Supplement: Antonio Lupatelli

Antonio Lupatelli (born in 1930 in Busseto, Italy) is an Italian illustrator who works under the pseudonym of Tony Wolf. Lupatelli is best known for his illustrations of children's books, including his work in: Pinocchio, Dami Editore Firenze, 2002 Le Storie del Bosco, (The Woodland Stories) On the Farm, Running Press Kids, 2005 In the City, Running Press Kids, Brdbk edition, 2005 Jack and Jill
Lupatelli has worked with Fratelli Fabbri Editore, Payot Film, Fleetway, and Dami Editore.

Here are some of the illustrations that I managed to find on the internet from my favorite childhood book - The Woodland Stories. I loved to find what each character is doing, because there is always so much of story going on in his illustrations. Although it doesn't look as good as in the book anyway. The only thing that I didn't really liked in the end was that there was really too much going on on the later series - first was only with wood creatures, second added dwarfs, third giants and then fairies, dragons and etc... I heard that there also were loads of newer series out that I hadn't seen with even more characters added. Anyway like in the old days I love this book, because I can read it without reading it. :D


  1. Thanks for this, Dom - reminds me of the work of 'Rupert Bear' illustrator, Alfred Bestall - same, soft whimsical content and style:

  2. Hi Dom
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