Friday, September 30, 2011

FAO CGAA Year 1 - Your Mentors Announced!

Important notice for all Year 1 CGAA students - your mentors are announced below.  Your mentor's name is hyperlinked to their respective blogs.  Please ensure you are following your mentor's blog.  Leave a comment, introducing yourself and summarising briefly your strengths and weaknesses in terms of your prior experience with software, drawing, academic writing etc., and your progress so far with Unit 1.  

If and when you have a specific query for your mentor, you'll need to target your blog posts for their attention. You can do this by entitling your blog posts thus - '@ (name of mentor)'.  If your mentor cannot help, then take your query/question/problem onto the group blog, using your 'class of 2011' log in.

Your mentors have been requested by me to keep an eye out for good practice and not-so good practice; if you're doing something really well and it catches your mentor's eye, your mentor will encourage you.  If you're headed for disaster or shooting yourself in the foot, your mentor will warn you and may advise alternate approaches.  Please listen to them.  They have a wealth of insight, having experienced many crits, interim crits, presentations, pitches, written assignments and stressful deadlines, so, if they give you the benefit of their experience - however direct - you should welcome it.

So go introduce yourselves - your mentors are expecting you.


  1. Daaawwww!! My first adopted children :D

  2. I know right, I feel a warmth inside me already

  3. so much love in the (base) room...