Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Supplement: John Chamberlain

“American sculptor John Chamberlain is internationally known for his long career of creating vibrantly colored, dynamic sculptures from crushed, twisted and bent automobile parts. Inspired by the scale, color and impulsive creation of Abstract Expressionist work, Chamberlain was a pioneering force through his use of found materials and diverse colors. While also experimenting with a variety of sculptural media, as well as with film and painting, he greatly impacted many generations of artistic movements, including Minimalism and Pop Art, and continues to create inventive work today.”

Though it perhaps it may seems odd that I’m featuring this artist in relation to Unit 1, surprisingly the organic sculptures of John Chamberlain share much in common with what the First Years are trying to achieve with their digital paintings by hybridizing with an animal at the genetic level. Here though, the hybridization exists and follows the rules within the ’universe of cars’ as opposed to the ‘universe of people’. I imagine these sculptures as embryonic, primordial car cells– becoming disfigured and manipulated at the most basic genetic level.

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